Feminine Coffee

Feminine coffee is the result of a process of learning and experiencies from leader women who seek to reach empowerment in each of our regions to create more opportunities for their families and growing up as working people in community. ANEI consents that native and farmer women are pillars of the coffee sector because they forge family work with love and passion. A program for coffee grower women, consisting of mothers who are family heads from the 67 regions where we have a presence, was created with the aim to guarantee women empowerment and generational shift in young women. In addition, to strengthen the relationship with our producers and the continuous learning by making women stand out and be included inside the organization. Presently, we have the support of 201 native and farmer women.


Coffee growed in the northern zone of Colombia, at altitudes from 1.400 to 2.100 msnm. From the typical variety, Colombia, F6, Tabi and Caturra, in harmony with nature and the social support of fair trade. Due to its different origins, it has reached an exceptional balance: the final product es slightly sweet, medium body and acidity, marvelous aroma and vanilla, citric, berries and chocolate flavors.