Among the new trends in coffee preparation, we can find cold brew coffee, a delicious drink that can be prepared with different methods, at ANEI we seek to keep up to date on coffee trends, so we will explain a little about this new innovative drink.

Coffee is part of our day, from the beginning of the morning, usually many prefer to drink coffee in the seasons of cold climates or winter, but in hot seasons they prefer a refreshing and cold drink, currently, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in a refreshing alternative with a cold coffee.

To prepare a Cold Brew there are different methods that you can find such as mizudashi, Frank One, and other methods that you can buy in any barista store.
Don’t worry, you can also prepare it at home with the following indications:

First, you need coarse ground coffee, using a fine grind similar to that of an espresso coffee you will be able to obtain an over-extracted cup that will allow you to enjoy a good cold coffee.
Remember that you must find glass or plastic container, if at the moment you have a French press or the jar where you keep the lemonade, a large jar or container is perfect.
One of the most important things you need is water, you can generally use 1/3 cup of ground coffee for 1.5 cups of cold water.
Finally find a filter that you can use with coarse ground coffee, in case of using a corresponding filter method.

For the preparation, you must place the coffee in the filter and slowly add the water, after preparing the coffee let it keep for a couple of hours and add some ice to serve and enjoy this refreshing drink, according to your preferences according to your tastes you can add a little milk or cherries.