For our community, women symbolize the earth, it is the force that transmits the origin of life, that is why we seek to contribute to the empowerment and leadership of women, in addition to promoting their participation in the coffee process.

We highlight the importance of women in their work due to their active contribution to the coffee process. Their role is essential to obtain excellent quality coffee, which is why we seek to contribute to the constant participation of women by developing the alliance project to strengthen the productive capacities of women coffee growers in Pueblo Bello, Cesar, in order to improve infrastructure. , processes, crops, in addition to promoting training in administrative management and accounting of their productive units.

Womens coffee
Another aspect to highlight of the leadership of women in our organization that are represented by Aurora Izquierdo, the first indigenous Arhuaca woman from Yewrwa who decides to go to study in Bogotá; with her commitment, effort, and leadership, she has achieved growth of our community and the support to coffee families that are part of our organization

As symbols of peace and creators of life, they are related uniquely with our mother earth; for this reason, we highlight their work and value with the development of our women’s coffee profile, as a result of the perseverance and commitment of the women leaders that each region Thanks to his empowerment we achieve a high-quality coffee with a slightly sweet profile, with a medium body and acidity, an aroma and flavor of vanilla, citrus, red fruits, floral and chocolate.

The women who are part of Anei participate in each of the processes to improve the quality of coffee, with effort, love, and passion, they are part of the essence of our community.