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Active participation of all generations


Social programs for the community

The coffee market is a massive industry due to the great demand for this product in the world, this fact implies a commitment to each of the processes that are carried out to maintain an economic and social balance. For us as an organization it is important to value each of the efforts of our communities in the production process, that is why we work continuously to carry out the required actions by implementing fair trade in our practices.

We promote the well-being of our communities through projects that improve coffee processes, the quality of life of our associates with proper working conditions and sustainable balance in our community.There are financial programs such as microcredits that allow us to provide the necessary resources to our partners during the harvesting season, helping each of the producing families so that they can make the necessary adjustments in order to produce coffee with high standards of quality at a fair price.

We provide with training processes for the empowerment of our community with the opportunity to encourage active participation of associates in the development of strategies for the improvement of the coffee growing process.

One of the most important aspects that we care about  is the protection and conservation of our natural resources such as water, for this reason we develop different projects focused on water efficiency and adequate savings to contribute to sustainability and the use of this valuable resource for our future generations.
In addition to our ZARINZUWA project, an organic fertilizer plant that seeks to strengthen our commitment to the preservation of our soils.

These are some of the actions we take to promote fair trade in our organization, we protect the environment, improving opportunities for our associates and strengthening our special traditions.

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