Hemos venido creciendo con el ánimo de mejorar nuestros procesos asegurando la calidad y trazabilidad del café, en los centros de Acopio tanto para el proceso como la casa de nuestros cafeteros donde se van a sentir seguros, un equipo que se prepara cada vez más para tener


  • 1917The Capuchin missionarrives to the Sierra Nevada.

  • 1972The first Arhuaca indigenous woman Aurora Maria goes to study to Bogota.

  • 1979The Sierra Nevada was declared by UNESCO as a reserve of the Biosphere, of man and of humanity.

  • 1982The Capuchin mission of the Sierra Nevada departs.

  • 1991First school in the community of Jewrwa.

  • 1991The Colombian constitution recognizes the Indigenous people as human beings.

  • 1995Agreement with the spiritual leaders and indigenous authorities for the creation of ANEI.

  • 1996Diversified Coffee project begins.

  • 1998First Organic Biolatine certification.

  • 2003Purchase of land and Authorities House in Pueblo Bello.

  • 2007Opening of administrative headquarters in Valledupar.

  • 2010FLO Certification.

  • 2012Construction of second Collection Center of ANEI in the municipality of Pueblo Bello.

  • 2012Recognition of the Colombian State, by the contribution to the community.

  • 2016First direct export to Canada.

  • 2016Certification to the first Q-Grader taster of the indigenous community.

  • 2017 Knowledge of the four indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada is declared Intangible Heritage of the Colombian Nation.

  • 2018 President of Colombia signs Decree of the Black Line, delimitation of the ancestral territory, limits where is the great spiritual city, of the four indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada.

  • 2018Construction of the third collection center in the municipality of Codazzi.

  • 2018Construction of the first Bio-factory of organic Fertilizers “Zarinzuwa”.