We have a solid infrastructure that allows us to have a wide coverage of the entire supply chain, with the purpose to guarantee the product traceability and deliver a high-quality and certified coffee to the client. PRODUCTIVE UNITY ANEI ensures that the totality of its producers have an optimal wet and dry method system through the implementation of ecological processing buildings and solar dryers. The ecological wet and dry method system has the purpose of generating a greater impact on water resources and, additionally, to offer a high-quality coffee by means of processes of controlled fermentation. DRYING The majority of members have parabolic solar dryers, since it is the best way to obtain a high-quality coffee due to its uniform drying, its lack of sudden changes in temperature and its use of renewable energy. COLLECTION CENTER At ANEI, we have an appropiate structure for the management of FTO coffee, which allows us to deliver products with a high-quality standard. In addition, we possess trained human resources and suitable logistics for distribution. Our collection centers are located at: Valledupar: Headquarters and administrative office with a point of purchase of 500 m2 that the influence zone has for the producers of the Valledupar y la Paz’s municipality. Pueblo Bello: Point of purchase of 3.000 m2. In addition, it has 2 dryers with which a daily drying of 3.000 kg is carried out. Pueblo Bello is an influence zone for Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta’s producers. Codazzi: Point of purchase of 1.000 m2. It has a drying yard with a capacity of 2.000 kg. Codazzi is an influence zone for Serranía del Perijá’s producers. LABORATORY At ANEI, we possess three laboratories where the different profiles of the 67 regions from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serranía de Perijá are identified. These laboratories are provided with modern equipment and qualified tasters. THRESHERS At ANEI, we have alliances with different certified threshers that allow us to guarantee the selection of our beans. EXPORTER ANEI seeks to consolidate a model of close, fluid and transparent relationships with importers and roasters; a strategy that is complemented with our commercial allies.