Coffee is currently a world-famous drink, which has a charm that people can enjoy in different varieties, origins and presentations, we now know that it comes from the plant’s seed of the same name. Still, we all identify a standard question, how this seed came to be this drink. However, there are different arguments, experts and historians so far have not reached an exact conclusion regarding its origin since there are several theories and legends.
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The most popular theory is the origin of coffee in northern Ethiopia, possibly in Kaffa, where a shepherd was amazed to discover the effects of coffee on his goats, making them more active, so he decided to test them for himself, checking its products. The pastor decided to take the fruits to the monastery, where the monks decided to try it to be more awake in their night hours.
They experimented with different recipes with these red fruits until they discovered that they managed to obtain a drink with all its more full benefits by boiling them.

Another theory says that the Oromo people discovered it, was a tribe from central Ethiopia, it is said that when they recognized the energizing effects of coffee, they created balls of the coffee fruit mixed with fat to use them in the expeditions of the warriors and thus consume it for their night shifts.

Despite all these theories and legends that revolve around the origin of coffee, it has not been possible to know its original history due to the lack of documents or evidence about this, the only thing that can be assured is that its place of origin was Ethiopia. We must consider that regardless of its origin it will continue as one of everyone’s favorite drinks.


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