The quality of coffee requires several critical aspects; according to the International Trade Center “the quality of coffee comes from a combination: the botanical variety, the topographic situation, the weather and the care with which the coffee was grown, harvested, stored, it was prepared for export and transported ”.
Today we want to share some of the critical aspects of quality strategies to develop high-quality coffee while preserving our cultural identity.

The first relevant aspect to guarantee the quality of the coffee are the academic group training programs focused mainly on the administration of the productive units and the implementation of tools for their crops. We also create practical training activities in ecological processes intending to improve the strategies that contribute to the quality of our coffee and meet the FLO and organic coffee certification criteria.

Secondly, one of the essential aspects in our organization is water quality, a necessary factor for the harvest, conservation and reproduction of water resources; that is why we have filters and purification analysis, accompanied by water treatment systems. Water that guarantees the quality of the water used in coffee processing.

The third key aspect to highlight is the accompaniment of our experts in each of the coffee processes, from the coffee harvest to the marketing phase, where our quality laboratory helps each producer know the characteristics and attributes of their coffee. , so that they can identify the profile of their rates, which are offered in the international market.

At Anei we constantly work with our associates to create tactics that improve and optimize the collection, washing, drying and storage process; our commitment is to offer quality organic coffee.