Coffee is one of the most relevant beverages because coffee is one of the most commercialized basic products in the market. There are over 25 million farmers around the world focused on coffee production in over 50 different countries.

Among the main demands of this bean is organic coffee. The growing interest in a healthy life has driven a great demand for organic products in the world, that is why this characteristic has stood out in recent years. Today we want to share with you some key data on the organic coffee market.

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What is the impact of organic coffee?
Organic coffee has unique attributes and does not contain chemicals. The cultivation of organic coffee generates a great impact on the environment and the health of consumers since it promotes a healthier and more resistant crop.
In Anei our coffee offer is organic, which is produced without using artificial chemical elements, such as pesticides and herbicides, it is a type of cultivation with which we contribute to protecting natural resources because it is possible to reduce the body’s exposure and biodiversity with external chemical agents.
What is the growth of the organic market?
The trend of maintaining a healthy life is raising awareness of organic food and drink around the world. Apart from this, the awareness of a healthy lifestyle is increasing day by day.
Currently, the world organic coffee market projects an annual growth of 10.6% during the period 2021-2030, because of the increase in the consumption of organic and healthy products, and the increase in the demand for organic coffee for confectionery and bakery products.
North America is one of the top regions in terms of organic coffee consumption, which projects a significant increase year over year. Increased awareness towards organic products is the major factor driving consumption and subsequently the growth of the market. The Asia Pacific area, with increasing popularity of the organic concept, is expected to grow significantly and have enormous potential as its population is larger.
The market for organic products in Europe is one of the largest, after the United States. The COVID-19 crisis has led to a growing demand for organic food, as we consider it healthier and safer than conventional food products. I expect this demand to continue to grow.