At Anei we work hard to generate greater opportunities for coffee producers, through social development programs and empowerment of our associates.

There is currently a worrying scenario for coffee growers in the country struggling to maintain their crops and fighting the long-lasting effects of climate and market crises. I left them with few opportunities to invest in their farms in the future, increasing the possibility of abandoning coffee cultivation.

It is important to note that many of the producers offer their coffee in low-quality conditions at a lower price in order to get a constant cash flow.

Considering the worrying circumstances of coffee production and commercialization, at Anei we focus our interest on supporting producers through programs to strengthen crops and ecological practices, in this way to consolidate a faster, direct, and safer model for farmers. producers. Today we will share with you the three constant variables carried out in the organization to empower our associates.

Training: We constantly create integration spaces focused on production units, changes in the market, challenges, and programmed plans.
Our associates are a fundamental part of Anei, so their participation and knowledge help us create strategies aimed at improving the quality of life of producers and perfecting the coffee benefit process.

Fair Trade: At Anei we seek to create fairer commercial relationships and improve the well-being of producers. I base our program on three classic pillars of sustainability, focused on balancing social, ecological, and economic problems.
Through the fair trade seal, I received an additional bonus on the price of Anei coffee, which is used in the development of social programs that strengthen the well-being of producers and guarantee a fairer treatment.

Social programs: We design different programs to support all our associates and their families, the key points of these projects are: participation and empowerment of women coffee farmers, generational integration, consolidation of productive units, regional growth, and protection of the environment. environment among others.

A solid future for coffee producersA solid future for coffee producers
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