Aeropress has become one of the favorite and most popular methods for preparing coffee, in case you are not familiar with it, don’t worry, we will briefly discuss what this excellent method consists of .

It consists of a coffee brewing cylinder, a plunger and a filter holder that can be attached to the bottom of the brewing cylinder. It combines the characteristics of an espresso machine with some aspects of a French press preparation process.
The aeropress allows you to adjust all the essential factors for the taste, such as the water temperature, the duration of the brewing process, the activation pressure of the aroma, the filtration, and the grinding degree of the type of coffee.

To prepare a cup in the aeropress you must follow these steps:

1.Place a filter in the aeropress
2. Gently fit the filter holder onto the brew cylinder.
3.Place the brew cylinder on the cup and place the coffee
4.Fill the tube with 89° C hot water and stir the mixture for 10 seconds.
5.Place the plunger and press down gently. After 20 to 60 seconds when the inner cylinder reaches the bottom surface.
6.Remove the aeropress and have a delicious cup of coffee

This method is everyone’s favorite, it’s beautiful genius and the taste of the coffee in the aeropress manages to highlight different attributes.

Remember that there are other perfect preparation methods so you can experiment with coffee and build your own laboratory.