Nature is an essential part of life, the earth is the only home we have as human beings, and it provides us with water, air, and everything we need for our health and quality of life.

Our mother earth represents the sustenance of our universe; that is why its protection is critical; preserving the environment is part of our lifestyle, that is why we seek to develop different activities that contribute to the ground. One of the activities that stand out is preserving water, and it is one of the essential substances on earth. All plants and animals need water to survive, considering that the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a hydrographic star where they are born. Rivers to the north, west, and southeast slopes, water is a vital resource for hydration, for crops, and our spiritual fertility, so to protect our water resource, we developed two projects that promote the conservation of one of the most critical resources necessary for our community, the first project is focused on the use of artisanal treatment systems with filters.

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We also consider the earth as the main factor for production; it is the sustenance of wildlife and natural vegetation, it is the first female element, and it is our duty as guardians of balance, energy, and mother earth to preserve the world as the primary source. For the production of our coffee, that is why we have an organic fertilizer plant for the recovery of the soils of the Sierra Nevada and the Serranía del Perijá, improving productivity and the quality of life of our communities.