Proper selection of the highest quality origin coffee beans, accompanied by an excellent roasting process and the correct use of the equipment, allows to preserve all the characteristics of the flavor and freshness of the coffee, obtaining a unique coffee, perfect for one of the most popular methods such as espresso

This delicious drink is a favorite for making coffee, but do you know espresso well? Today we want to tell you some curious facts about espresso and other alternatives.

An espresso must have three main things: body, acidity and creaminess, these three things will be derived depending on the extraction method, the espresso is the result of a good process from the origin, in which all the flavors and smells will be concentrated in a cup.

Some of the espresso drinks are accompanied with sugar, milk or even cream instead of milk. They are our favorites in the cafeteria according to our tastes, these are some of the favorites:

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The latte, is a preparation based on espresso and milk, they have a great popularity due to the latte art that is made by baristas in coffee shopsThis art has the characteristic of applying the art on a cup of coffee with different creative figures and shapes.

The Capuccino on the other hand contains more foam in its preparation, it is generally prepared with 125 ml of milk and 25 ml of espresso coffee, its name is related to the Capuchin monks, an order of Catholic brothers who wore brown hoods and shaved their heads.

We can also find in some coffee shops the so-called flat white, its proportions are commonly 1/3 of espresso with 2/3 of milk, to make a flat white the steamed milk must have a small layer of foam, but its texture must be softer than that used in latte or cappuccino.

Another of the well-known drinks is macchiato, a standard drink among young people, it is characterized by containing 3 layers of milk, espresso and milk foam, to do it you must first achieve the foam in the milk and apply the espresso on it.

These are just a few drinks, in the world of coffee you can find different drinks with fascinating characteristics, many of these espresso-based drinks need a machine to achieve this, but you can also make a cappuccino at home with the appropriate indications.