At ANEI we will always prioritize the progress of our region and community, that is why we dedicate our efforts to developing projects that can improve the quality of life of coffee families and our community.

Among the processes carried out is the alliance project in which 91 women producers participated to support their empowerment through training, creating an associative model where they acquire knowledge of marketing and everything related to the coffee production processes in the importance of the Plan of Environmental management.

During the project, engineers and experts in the area participated who managed to guide the women producers in administering their production units. They also had the natural accompaniment of these advisers in the coffee-growing regions where the production units are located.

To maintain constant support for our associates and obtain high-quality organic coffee. Sustainability analyzes were carried out on the soils accompanied by a nutritional plan for each productive unit and the delivery of fertilizer inputs for organic pest control.

Our objective is to achieve the participation of women in the coffee process, for this reason we offer our support by delivering high-tech grain classification pulping machines and marquee-type solar dryers, to guarantee a satisfactory operation in the treatment of coffee, especially for our women’s coffee offer.

As an organization we seek to support all women producers who are part of the ANEI family and who every day dedicate their efforts to produce a unique coffee with incredible attributes that transmit a message of harmony, sustainability and equality.

You can find more information about the women’s coffee offer and learn a little more about the beautiful empowerment work carried out by our producers.