Certified high quality process

At anei we offer different high quality profiles, each of them have processes that improve our quality and a team of experts, partners and allies who contribute to the constant development of new projects and processes to strengthen our community, we also have a very high certification. important organic coffee

Organic coffee is a coffee that we grow without using artificial chemical elements, such as pesticides and herbicides, it is a type of cultivation with which we contribute to the protection of natural resources because it is possible to reduce the exposure of the body and biodiversity with agents external chemicals, with this system we can avoid water pollution and maintain the richness of the soil.

For us it is very important to conserve the environment, therefore in addition to promoting organic coffee, we identify the different plant and animal species that inhabit our coffee crops, thus we seek to preserve these species without affecting their habitat, part of this includes the process of keep the coffee organic since one of the main factors that is needed in this type of coffee is the shade of the trees, mostly bananas, where a great diversity of birds and other natural species remain.

Obtaining the organic coffee certification takes into account several criteria that guarantee the consumption of high quality coffee without chemical synthesis inputs, supporting the protection of the environment and maintaining our ancient traditions that protect the resources of our mother earth.

As organic coffee producers we are committed to quality control, that is why we have experts and q graders in our coffee laboratory classifying and identifying individual batches in comparison with physical and sensory criteria, which allows us to know and highlight each one of the characteristics that our different coffee profiles have.

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As an organization we seek to contribute to our community through a quality coffee