El papel de la mujer empoderada en café anei.
November 30, 2016


Taking into account the development of our region and our country, in 2014 ASOANEI made a convention with different universities in Cesar. Currently, the convention includes more than 43 young university students of diverse careers such as Industrial Engineering, International Business, Law, and Agronomics, among others. This has given the opportunity of doing researches and innovative proposals within the organization to students who are in seventh semester and further.

These young students can also participate in national projects from Government Offices or NGOs, counting on ASOANEI’s and the university´s support, attaining thus, new developments for the region can be achieved.

As a final aspect, we also developed a program of economic incentive for our Associates’ children who are doing their university studies. This pretends to contribute to the generational change as proposed by ASOANEI. In addition, the program offers the student linked to the organization an opportunity to do some volunteer social work. These hours can be in a field related to their career activities or activities in which the student can approach and get to know the structure of the organization.